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How to understand a composite process in OWL-S ?

From: Ө <cdyuying@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 16:57:29 +0800
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Hi, I have a question about understanding a composite process in OWL-S.

Supposed that a composite processes is composed of some atomic processes. 
If a service requester wants to use the composite process, what should servcie requester do?
1. Service requester only invokes the composite process?
2. Servcie requester invokes the atomic processes in certain order?

>From the examples from Mindswap, e.g. service FindCheaperBook, it seems the fromer.

But from the examples from OWL-S Colation, e.g. service BravoAir and CongoBuy, it seems the latter.

Especially in the document "OWL-S: Semantic Markup for Web Services" from OWL-S Colation, it states 
in section 5.4 "A composite process is not a behavior a service will do, but a behavior (or set of 
behaviors) the client can perform by sending and receiving a series of messages. If the composite 
process has an overall effect, then the client must perform the entire process in order to achieve 
that effect. We have not yet given a precise specification of what it means to perform a process, 
but all we mean is that, e.g., if a composite is a Sequence, then the client sends a series of messages 
that invoke every step in order.". 

Best Regards,
Ying Yu
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