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RE: sws matchmaker contest

From: Antoon Goderis <goderisa@cs.man.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 15:24:17 -0000
To: <klusch@dfki.de>, <public-sws-ig@w3.org>
Cc: "'Franck Tanoh'" <ytanoh@cs.man.ac.uk>, "'Carole Goble'" <carole.goble@manchester.ac.uk>, "Katy Wolstencroft" <katy@cs.man.ac.uk>, "'Duncan Hull'" <duncan.hull@cs.man.ac.uk>, "'Ulrike Sattler'" <Ulrike.Sattler@manchester.ac.uk>
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Hi Matthias, 

Great to see the initiative is forging ahead.
> (1) the idea was to continously collect sws - sa-wsdl, owl-s or wsml -
> we all
> come across during our work, and send it to a central 
> collector site for
>    editing the respective *raw collections*. 

Franck Tanoh, the bioinformatics curator of the myGrid project
(http://www.mygrid.org.uk) has started annotating the  services used in the
Taverna workflow editor (http://www.mygrid.org.uk/taverna). He is using the
Feta service description model, based on RDFS and OWL. There are currently
around 250 services annotated; there are some 3500 in total. Feel free to
regularly scavenge the location below where he submits his descriptions.
There is WebDAV access for downloading. 


Best of luck with the competition. Any questions, feel free to e-mail me or
Franck (in CC).

Antoon, on behalf of the myGrid team

Antoon Goderis
PhD student
Information Management Group
School of Computer Science
University of Manchester
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