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OWL-S Composition using Multiple Partners

From: rajesh k <rajk_cs@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 18:27:01 +0000
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I am trying to work on an example to compose services using OWL-S. I am 
using the OWL-S editor of SRI for OWL-S services creation. I have a few 
clarifications regarding the composition that can be done with OWL-S.

I understand that OWL-S is an orchestration language like BPEL and it cannot 
support choreography [1]. But in the case of BPEL the services are combined 
from partner services to form a composition, but I am not sure how this 
could be done with OWL-S. Most of the examples I have seen with respect to 
OWL-S involves only services from a single provider, for example, Congo book 
buying example or Bravo airline example. Only in [2] I did find an example 
involving services composed from different parties for finding a route to a 
particular place, but unfortunately the example is not detailed.

Let me explain a little bit what I am trying to do. Imagine that there are 
three different service providers each having an OWL-S service, which of 
course has a service profile, process, and grounding. The provider 1 has a 
free credit checking service, which checks whether a certain credit card has 
requested amount of money given the CC#, CC expiration date, and the amount 
and produces a Boolean result. Provider 2 has a SMS service, which given a 
mobile number, a message (100 characters or less), and a Boolean value for 
credit check sends an SMS and produces a Boolean result. The provider 3 
takes a Boolean value (to see the service for which the money is paid has 
been carried out successfully), CC#, CC expiration date, amount, and bank# 
(to which a particular amount has to be transferred) and produces a Boolean 
result. All three services are provided as atomic processes described by the 
providers and we assume that they do not have any processes except these 
services and also we do not consider preconditions and effects.

SP1 - CheckCredit (CC#, CC Exp Date, Amount) produces Boolean value
SP2 - SendSMS (Boolean, Mobile#, Message) produces a Boolean value
SP3  TransferMoney (Boolean, CC#, CC Exp Date, Amount, Bank#) produces a 
Boolean value

Service provider 4 wishes to compose these 3 services to create a 
Pay_SMS_Service. SP4 wishes to create a composite process to combine these 
three atomic processes. SP4 Composite Process is a Sequence of invoking 
atomic processes CheckCredit from SP1, SendSMS from SP2, and TransferMoney 
from SP3. In the composite process of SP4 how do I specify the partner 
services from other providers. Can this be done or am I missing something? 
Please also let me know about composition examples involving multiple 
providers and if possible please provide me the pointers for them.

Thanks in Advance,


[1] Barry Norton, Experiences with OWL-S, Directions for Service 
Composition: The Cashew Position, In OWL: Experiences and Directions 
Workshop (OWLED 2005), co-located with ISWC 2005.

[2] Biplav Srivastava and J. Koehler, Planning with Workflows - An Emerging 
Paradigm for Web Services Composition,  In ICAPS 2004 Workshop on Planning 
and Scheduling for Grid and Web Services, Whistler, British Columbia, 
Canada, June 2004.
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