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OWL-S editor : grounding part

From: Frederic Dessimoz <Frederic.Dessimoz@hevs.ch>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 10:25:28 +0200
Message-Id: <44B61F980200007500007BA8@mailgw2.hevs.ch>
To: <public-sws-ig@w3.org>

I have a problem with the Protégé's OWL-S editor for the grounding part. 

For my example, I defined the following web service :

First, with java :

public float[] askElectricityOffer( float quantity );

This function returns an array of float. The first array element is the quantity, the second is the unit price, and the thirs is the total price.

And the I get the corresponding wsdl (mywsdl.wsdl):


<wsdl:message name="askElectricityOfferResponse">
	<wsdl:part name="askElectricityOfferReturn" type="impl:ArrayOf_xsd_float"/>

<wsdl:message name="askElectricityOfferRequest">
	<wsdl:part name="quantity" type="xsd:float"/>


Then, I created my OWL ontology with this following classes :

- ElectricityAmount : this class has a property called quantity, of type xsd:float

- ElectricityOffer : this class has the properties amount (type ElectricityAmount), totalPrice (xsd:float), unitPrice (xsd:float)

Then, I created an atomic process called askElectricityOffer, with an input of type ElectricityAmount and an output of type ElectricityOffer.

And then, I created an atomic process grounding called askElectricityOfferGrounding.

Now I try to complete the individual editor for my grounding. I entered the following values :

- grounding:owlsProcess : askElectricityOffer
- grounding:wsdlDocument : http://jass.hevs.ch/mywsdl.wsdl 

And now I'd like to tell that the quantity property of the class ElectricityAmount has to be matched to the quantity parameter of the askElectricityOfferRequest message, 
that the unitPrice property of the ElectricityOffer class has to be matched to the second element of the array returned by the askElectricityOfferResponse, 
that the totalPrice property of the ElectricityOffer class has to be matched to the third element of the array returned by the askElectricityOfferResponse, etc...

I don't know what to put in the WSDL Inputs (and corresponding Wsdl Options) and in the WSDL Outputs (and corresponding Wsdl Options) fields.

Can you help me ?

Thank you.

Frédéric Dessimoz
Haute Ecole Valaisanne
Route du Rawyl 47, CH-1950 SION

tel  +41276068722
fax +41276068715
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