[ann] CODE (CMU OWL-S Development Environment) - Beta release available

  The beta version of CODE (CMU OWL-S Development Environment) is 
available for download from 
CODE addresses the Semantic web services development process which is 
time consuming and error prone.  At the moment, the generation and 
deployment of Semantic Web Services is supported by only a few tools 
that do not form a consistent suite. Hence the developer has to switch 
between many tools during the development process and may face 
inconsistencies because the tools are developed by different 
organizations. CODE addresses these problems by providing a uniform 
integrated development environment and allows the developer to 
seamlessly move between various aspects of the semantic web service 
development. A brief introduction to CODE is available at 
http://www.daml.ri.cmu.edu/code/code.pdf . Please free feel to contact 
us if you face any problem installing or using the editor.

Naveen Srinivasan (naveen at cs dot cmu dot edu)
Massimo Paolucci (paolucci at cs dot cmu dot edu)
Katia Sycara (katia at cs dot cmu dot edu)
Intelligent Software Agents Lab,
Carnegie Mellon University

Received on Friday, 19 November 2004 16:40:36 UTC