RE: Discussion: OWL-S and Industry Adoption

A simple answer to why there has been relatively slow uptake of OWL-S in
industry is that you have to learn to walk before you can run.

We are in a situation where current uptake of NON-semantic Web services
is at its extreme early stages. My impression is that while there is a
lot of interest, usage at this time is fairly tentative and preliminary
in many/most large companies.  There is no doubt lots of interest and
activity, but much less by way of deployed WS in routine use.

Michael Brodie of Verizon gave an invited talk at ISWC in Oct 03. He
said that WS probably ARE the next big thing, but that Verizon, a
company that had won an award for IT innovation had exactly 2 (or was it
1?) implemented Web services in their company.

He also said it will likely be 20 years before the maturity of WS
technology will be comparable to that of todays DB technology.  

Mike Uschold

Received on Wednesday, 15 December 2004 22:57:27 UTC