OWL-S Enquiries

Hi there,
I would like to ask for your help on some OWL-S issues.
Do i have to declare the wsdl file myself or is it self generated by Protege? I noticed that when i import the BravoAir example, it does not import the wsdl file. Am i right to say that the wsdl file is the file that is accessed by the agent? If protege does not generate the wsdl file, i will have to do it myself? This in order for my agent to access the wsdl file to retrieve the information?

In BravoAir example, there is an atomic process called Login. It contains the variable account name and password. If my account name is abc and password is 123, how do i pass in these values to be stored into the variables? In other words, how do i pass data into OWL-S file from the web?

For process:parameterType under process:hasInput, is it necessary to include URI as in a web address? If all my declaration of class are in one file, can i just put in the name of the class? This question applies to grounding also. Do i have to specify all the location of wsdl documents as a URL? Or can i specify local filename?

What is the difference between process:hasResult and process:hasOutput?

What is the registry in OWL-S? Where is it found? Do i have to declare it or define it?

Are there any examples of agents accessing OWL-S file for reference? What software can be used to implement software agent interacting with OWL-S?


I am currently trying to create a simple onotology using OWL-S and agents. The user will enter some values. The agent will try to get the information from the OWL-S file and do some calculation and return the result to OWL-S file which will be displayed. It will most likely be a web application. How can it be done? Please kindly give your advise

Sorry for so many questions asked as i am a newbie in ontology and agent. Thank you very much.



Received on Wednesday, 8 December 2004 11:42:12 UTC