Re: Planning under Description Logic ?--an obstacle towards WSAC

Thanks for McDermott and Parsia's instructions!

I'm wondering these days about two questions:
1. In planning for WSAC, we have two choices: a) planning from 
the initial state to the goal; b) planning from the goal to the initial 
state. Because it is hard for us to establish a complete initial state 
before planning (the user doesn't know what information he should
privide in advance. For example, some plans generated to buy a 
book may require the user to provide his address, while some may 
require the user to provide both his address and phone number), 
b) seems to be a good choice.
2. If we choose b), the following question must be answered:
how to recognize an input of an operation that can be provided
by the user? if the input is the user's private information, we can
define these kind of information in the initial state; however, if the
information is plan specific, such as "bookname", "ISBN" in bookstore
example, how can we recognize it? Let's consider this situation:
an operation "o1" needs "bookname" as input, another operation
"o2" tranfers the input "isbn" to the corresponding output "bookname". 
How can a planner make a decision on getting the "bookname" of "o1" 
from the user or from the output of "o2"?

Received on Wednesday, 8 December 2004 03:50:37 UTC