Portability TF: simple charter or scope

What do folks think of this?

 * how to know if a remote server supports account migration, and what
OAuth URL to start with to get authorization.
  * Security considerations and threat models
  * OAuth proposed as how user authorizes origin server to accept full
content access requests from destination server
*Fetching data* needed for account migration
  * What to include along with all the public content
  * Blocklist endpoints
*Post-move account state*
  * move notifications
  * replying to requests with redirects
*Export format*
  * interoperable envelope for shared data model
*Shared data model *
  * including user’s blocklist (existing FEP)

And more importantly, who is willing to work on pieces of this as author or
supervising/guiding discussion?

(adding to agenda for friday april 26 8am also)


Received on Thursday, 18 April 2024 22:49:28 UTC