Re: Portability task force topic - object identifiers across moves

I can be there!

On 2024-04-15 2:55 p.m., Lisa Dusseault wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've been making some progress on a proposal for moving a "Live 
> On-Line Account" (LOLA) from one server to another server. As such it 
> obviously doesn't meet all use cases, but it seems pretty doable and 
> the use cases it does do seem commonly enough experienced.
> Shall we meet again next week? I would like to talk through how object 
> identifiers are generated and used by the servers that host content, 
> and how they're used by the other parties that access that content.  I 
> believe I've read the appropriate specs (though happy to have things 
> pointed out to me) but there's always facts on the ground beyond the 
> specs which are really useful to know.  I'll share some thoughts on it 
> on this list, but I'd like to know more about what's already done and 
> what are possible approaches.
> Who'd like to talk through this topic and others relevant to 
> solving portability use cases? Next week, Thursday and Friday am PST 
> are good times for me.  How about Thursday April 25, 8am PST as a 
> proposal - LMK if you can make that time, or if there's a better time 
> for you and you'd like to join.
> Lisa

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