Re: Please Keep Our Decentralized Web Standards Open


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"Lisa Rein" <> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Lisa Rein, Co-founder of Creative Commons and Aaron Swartz Day here.
> I have strong concerns about moving any open social web work out of the CG
> process and into a WG because it means less folks will be able to
> participate.
> The whole point of creating a Decentralized Web is to have a more level
> playing field where independent groups can interoperate and flourish,
> which requires the process for creating Decentralized Web standards to be
> as transparent and inclusive as possible.
> To that end, I think it would be a tragedy to move any decentralized
> social web standard activity from the current open, consensus-based
> process to any closed, member-only process.
> Decentralized Web standards deserve to be developed in a truly open and
> inclusive manner - rather than a top-down approach where all concerned
> voices cannot possibly be heard, simply because they don’t actually have
> access to the process.
> Only a transparent process, that is truly inclusive, will have any hope of
> being able to address the concerns of the numerous, diverse and often
> marginalized communities that will be depending on these very important
> Decentralized Web standards.
> Thanks,
> lisa
> Lisa Rein
> Co-Founder, Creative Commons
> Co-Founder, Aaron Swartz Day
> Chelsea Manning's Archivist
> Digital Librarian, Dr. Timothy Leary Futique Trust

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