Re: Scope for a possible new SocialWeb (AP/AS2) W3C Working Group charter

> On Sep 19, 2023, at 04:19, Dmitri Zagidulin <> wrote:
> In scope:
> * Integrating the errata and fixes that have accumulated to the AP/AS2 specs.
> * Minor normative changes or clarifications to those specs that document extensive implementation experience, and have agreement from the community.

Narrow focus producing quick, high-quality results as they are needed by implementors today is usually a better plan than very broad focus where it takes months just to prioritize, in my experience.

The Fediverse today could immediately benefit from such rapid progress on a small scope IMHO. Low cost, low risk, high pay-off.

How complicated would it be to get something first chartered narrowly, and, based on its success in the narrow scope, get the scope extended?



Johannes Ernst

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