Agenda for 12 Sep 2023 SocialCG Meeting

Hello everyone! Dmitri is going to be just landing in Seville when the meeting starts, so he asked me to chair the meeting until he’s there.

I’d like to address the following topics in the meeting. Please let me know if you have other agenda items! And don’t forget that we have breakout sessions on data portability and test suite tomorrow.

Extension policy <> - why we need an extension policy; the draft extension policy; next steps
Outstanding issues - the following issues with the Activity Streams and ActivityPub documents need to be resolved. They primarily require small changes to our ERRATA to note editorial errors in the text.
#440 <> — Tombstone “formerType” property needs clarification
#441 <> — Example 60 Missing `@context` Property
#505 <> — Compact URI speaks about "type" and "id" (not "@type" or "@id" as in JSON-LD documentation)
#510 <> — Incorrect JSON-LD: Missing '#' from the end of @vocab param in Core Example 2
#524 <> — Example 2.1.2 "Context with an object" is both wrong and misleading
#297 <> — 6.11 Delivery Ambiguity
#376 <> — Relaxing the requirement for OrderedCollection to always be reverse-chronological?

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