Re: Issue Triage Today

On the call, I ran through these issues:

- #539 history <> - recommended building an extension through FEP or elsewhere, added a FAQ <> for new properties and types 
- #538 as:Replace <> - recommended either writing up a profile that defines best use of existing properties for showing versions in an `Update`, or adding an extension. Left open.
- #537 orderedAttachment <> - note that this is mostly treated as ordered; recommend use of “@list” or an extension property, left open.
- #535 <> - proposal for a breaking change to make it easier for implementers to remember to support array values. Left open.

Please feel free to comment. For many of these, the next step is developing an extension, so there’s lots of opportunity to get involved.

Great conversations on the call. Thanks to everyone who came!


> On May 24, 2023, at 10:06 AM, Evan Prodromou <> wrote:
> Hi, all. Just a reminder that I’ll be doing issue triage today on the Activity Streams 2.0 repository. I’ll be live-streaming from 11:30AM EDT to 12:30PM EDT.
> Evan

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