Collaborating on Solid interop

I've revisited an issue in Solid concerning "ActivityPub" implementation:

This task also appears in the "Someday" section of the SolidOS Task Manager:

Solid provides personal data storage, while Fediverse offers great
applications such as microblogging. Interoperability through W3C standards
like Linked Data has always been a goal, but a seamless user experience is
yet to be achieved.

There are some obstacles due to incomplete standard implementation or
lingering technical debt from RDF/XML and OStatus eras. As Solid joins a
W3C Working Group this year, it could be an excellent opportunity to
collaborate and develop a well-functioning system with an improved user
experience, enabling users to fully utilize apps and data storage.

Received on Wednesday, 10 May 2023 07:01:53 UTC