Re: Thinking about Webfinger

Johannes asked:

> Are you also proposing it for other did methods, like say, did:key? If so,
> how?

Sure. Why not?

I would send the following to my preferred WebFinger service:

> GET /.well-known/webfinger?
>     resource=did:key:zDnaerDaTF5BXEavCrfRZEk316dpbLsfPDZ3WJ5hRTPFU2169

The service would recognize the use of a did:key and it would then follow
the process defined in the did:key method specification
<> to expand the DID document from
the did:key identifier. It would return that DID document to me as a
did-document property in the response JRD.

But, did:key is kind of boring since there isn't any information, other
than boilerplate, in the DID document that isn't in the did itself.

A more interesting case might be did:ccf
<>which requires
that one do an HTTP lookup to fetch a DID document, using a pattern like:

> https://<host>/app/identifiers/<did>/resolve

This is kind of obscure, and I might not want my client to contain all the
various, sometimes odd, rules for mapping from dids to DID document URLs.
So, I'd ask my trusted WebFinger:

> GET /.well-known/webfinger?

The service would figure out how to construct the necessary HTTP URL and
would return the result either as a link to the fully specified URL or it
would do the GET for me and return the did-document as a JRD property. It
might also do both.

I think that works. What am I missing?

bob wyman

Received on Sunday, 7 May 2023 00:15:57 UTC