Re: Thinking about Webfinger

Correction:  should read .well-known/webfinger?user=bob@host

so 6. 5. 2023 v 15:31 odesílatel Melvin Carvalho <>

> Back in 2012 Mark Nottingham suggested a way to lookup JSON data for a
> given handle:
> /.well-known/user=bob@host
> WIth the endpoint returning JSON
> In retrospect this was a brilliant idea.  What happened with webfinger was
> a bit different
> instead of user= or acct= a new URI scheme ws minted acct:
> This was unnecessary, and there wasnt a good reason for it at the time
> that i can remember other than to use uris.
> Also at the time the JSON that came back was JRD, a whole new flavour of
> JSON modele on XRD.  However, XRD failed to gain popularity, and JRD is a
> different format to most of the fediverse.
> Would it be time to simplify webfiger in 3 ways.
> 1. no longer need the acct: URI scheme
> 2. use the simpler acct=user@host form
> 3. return a JSON serialization that is the same format as AP objects
> The existing infrastructure would need to be maintained because its used
> in places such as OIDC, however a newer endpoint could be advertised for
> newer systems, opting in.  Perhaps even could be proposed to the IETF as
> Webfinger 2.
> Is this too big a leap, or worth writing up?

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