Re: Issue Triage livestream

Ah, right. It looks like Social Hub is called out as canonical on the CG page.

W3C groups usually work either on the mailing list or on the wiki. 

I’m setting up an account on the service and I’ll answer the question there.

I’d prefer to keep group communications on the official W3C channels, though: GitHub, wiki, mailing list.

The right place to ask questions about AP and AS2 is on GitHub.

The right place to ask questions about wiki page is on the wiki (or, more likely, just make the changes).


> On Apr 23, 2023, at 9:45 AM, a <> wrote:
> > Why would people ask questions there instead of on the wiki or mailing list?
> i can think of the following reasons:
> - proper protocol for asking questions hasn't really been expressed anywhere
> - forums are inherently more convenient to use than mailing lists
> - a lot of people probably didn't even know the wiki existed until very recently
> - the socialhub forum is open to the public, unlike the wiki and mailing list
> - the question was asked by melvin on the mailing list, then repeated independently by a member of the public on the forum

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