Re: Federation by both Large and Small servers must be well supported.

> On Apr 22, 2023, at 14:00, Bob Wyman <> wrote:
> ... scaling to the size of Twitter would take over 300 nodes the size of, or vastly more smaller nodes. To scale to the size of Facebook would require at least 3,000 nodes with as many users as has today -- or, an even more vast number of smaller nodes.

I heard the mission of this group defined as a “make the web social” this past week by a long-term participant. I don’t know whether everybody here would agree with this, as it is rather ambitious, but …

If we take this mission at face value, that would mean that any website — from an infrequently visited single page to any gigantic site — should be able to become social, based on the same protocols. And interact with any other all hours of all days. This would dwarf even Bob’s large numbers above, although I am at loss to propose a factor.

(P.S. I like ambitious.)



Johannes Ernst

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