Re: Proposal ideas for Activity Streams 3 Standard

a wrote about bookmarks:

> could this not be done with Add Link to Collection, where some "bookmarks
> collection" has an audience?

Sure, you could say something simple like that, but such a statement is too
simple to be useful. What does it mean for a collection to have an
audience? Does this collection have an "owner?" How would one discover the
collection? What are the operations that can be performed on a collection?
Can you "search" a collection and get a subset of the collection as a new
collection? And, is a Link
<> sufficient?
ActivityStreams doesn't define much metadata for inclusion in a link. What
if you want to bookmark only a part of a linked object such as a sentence
in an HTML document? What syntax would you use to do so?

We could make a good bit of progress by saying that a bookmark is a W3C
Annotation and thus afford the ability to use a variety of already defined
selectors <> including
Fragment, CSS, XPath, Text Quote, Text Position, Data Position, SVG, and
Range, but, then we'd still need to agree on the content of a bookmark. Can
I specify the "Title," "author,", "publication date," etc. in a bookmark?
How do I specify the rights that are required to use or access the resource
which is bookmarked? Is the rights mechanism in W3C Annotations sufficient
or do we need to write a profile to extend or limit it? Should we allow
ODRL in bookmarks? A complete example
<> of a bookmark
might be pretty complex.

Do bookmarks have globally unique IDs? If not, how would I combine
bookmarks from different sources into a new collection? Can bookmarks be
signed by their creator to ensure integrity and preservation of provenance?
Can we talk about bookmarks or link to them or even bookmark a bookmark? If
so, how do we do it?

There are many questions that are not answered by saying just "Add Link to
Collection." Defining interoperational protocols ain't easy.

bob wyman

Received on Saturday, 1 April 2023 18:07:06 UTC