Social Web Incubator CG mailing list

Hi all,

Welcome to the long-dormant mailing list for the Social Web Incubator 
Community Group. You might have forgotten you're a member of this group, 
due to the absence of a mailing list for the past few years. Due to 
requests from the community for a discussion forum that is supported and 
archived by W3C infrastructure, the W3C systems team have re-enabled it 
for us.

Archives are publicly visible here:

If you'd prefer not to receive emails from this list, you can leave the 
Community Group from the CG's home page:

When interacting on this list, please be mindful of the W3C Code of 
Ethics and Professional Conduct:

We understand that there are an enormous diversity of experiences in the 
social web standards space, and a lot of strongly held opinions which 
are not always aligned. We hope this list can be used for respectful 
exploration of different ideas, and encourage you to be open-minded 
towards other peoples experiences which may have led them to different 
conclusions than your own.

Please use this list for discussion of standards or implementation 
experience/ideas for a decentralised social web. Please do not use this 
list for promotion of commercial products, or to invite people to become 
members of a particular platform or service.


Amy (co-chair of the SWICG)

Received on Saturday, 26 November 2022 10:28:11 UTC