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Re: Business Presentation

From: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:05:40 +0100
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To: jeff.pollock@oracle.com
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Jeff Pollock wrote:
> Ivan-
> I've peppered "data integration" throughout the document in a more pervasive and direct way.  There were only a few places where I could tone back the XML discourse, I never really called it out directly, only as part of the set [XML, RDBMS, and UML] and only in the context of saying that developers often misuse them for unintended purposes.
> Note that regarding the MSFT reference, I am citing a presentation from SemTech'07 where the MSFT Connected Services RDF software is shown to be part of their shipping code.
> http://me.jtpollock.us/pubs/2007.05-Pollock.STC.2007.pdf
> I still have the open action for filling in the rest of the citations.
> Best, -Jeff- 

Hi Jeff,

It looks pretty good to me:-). Hey guys in SWEO, we need your feedbacks, 

In the meantime, I have some other, really very small scale comments:

- I have no idea what you mean by "C-level Mandates". It may be a common 
business term, but I do not know what it is...

- In the partnering choice section: what about HP? They are certainly an 
important player for W3C...

Actually: beyond the reference [3] why don't we add a reference to the 
wiki page that the community keeps up (and would be nice to keep it up 
even more!):


- Under the OASIS example, (a the end of the 'Technical Superiority' 
section) do you think it is worth mentioning ODF, too? They seem to 
adopt some (very simple, I must admit) RDF statements as part of their 
ODF Metatata infrastructure (yes, I know, the ODF issue is controversial...)

- Under the same set of examples, I wonder whether we should not put in 
something about large applications areas that are already looking at 
this technology very seriously, although it is still under development. 
I presume Susie can give us pointer for HCLS, there are some in Oil 
exploration, financial sector via its XBRL work (although that is still 
exploratory), the various public digital libraries and their core 
organizations (like DC)... We could also put a pointer to the use cases 
pages. What do you think?




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