Re: ISSUE-162: SKOS specialisation in SKOS Reference

Here is a draft response to Doug on ISSUE-162, comments welcome.

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Dear Doug,

Thank you for your support and your helpful comments. In response to
your comment below:

On Sat, Oct 04, 2008 at 02:15:02PM +0000, SWD Issue Tracker wrote:
> ISSUE-162: SKOS specialisation in SKOS Reference
> Raised by: Antoine Isaac
> On product: SKOS
> Raised by Doug Tudhope in [1]:
> Does the Reference deal with SKOS specialisation (I see the Primer does)?

There are some examples of specialising (extending) the SKOS data
model in the SKOS Reference. For example, section 8.6.3. illustrates
the refinement of the skos:related property. For example, section
A.4.4.1. illustrates the refinement of the skosxl:labelRelation
property. However, a detailed treatment of extending the SKOS data
model was deemed out of scope for the SKOS Reference, and better
treated in the SKOS Primer. We propose to make no change to the SKOS
Reference, can you live with this?

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> [1]

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