Re: Review of the "SKOS Reference" Last Call Working Draft [ISSUE-136]

Dear Michael

Thank you for your comments [1,ISSUE-136]:

I'm not clear how to express S12 in OWL, should this be intended. One  
can use
rdfs:Literal as the range, which would also contain all typed  
literals. One can
use xsd:string, which has at least a value space equivalent to the  
set of plain
literals, but this would require to have labels of the form "Hello

Note: Currently, there is some ongoing work (by the OWL and the RIF  
groups) on specifying a new data type "rdf:text", which denotes the  
set of all
internationalized plain tags. But, AFAIU, this datatype will /not/  
contain those
plain literals having /no/ language tag. Here is some text, which is  
under development (so be careful, it's nothing official):


As you point out, there are some constraints in the SKOS data model  
that we are unable to express in OWL (some of these /may/ be  
addressed by OWL 2, but in the current SKOS specification we are  
avoiding reference to work in progress). In such cases, the  
constraints are expressed in prose in the document. Thus the lack of  
an OWL version of S12 is rather through /necessity/ than intention.

Statements to this effect are made in Section 1.7.1 of the LC draft.  
Do you feel these are sufficient, or do we need to further elaborate  
this point?

As you point out, in this case it would be possible to approximate  
the constraint -- this is a choice we have not made here.

The Working Group propose to *postpone* this issue, indicating that  
this may be an area that future groups may wish to return to. Are you  
willing to live with this?


	Sean Bechhofer
	Alistair Miles


Sean Bechhofer
School of Computer Science
University of Manchester

Received on Friday, 17 October 2008 15:55:32 UTC