Re: RDFa is a W3C Recommendation

Ralph R. Swick wrote:
> Now on the W3C Home Page:
>   RDFa in XHTML: Syntax and Processing Is a W3C Recommendation; 
>   RDFa Primer Updated
>   2008-10-15: The Semantic Web Deployment Working Group and the XHTML2
>   Working Group published the W3C Recommendation RDFa in XHTML: Syntax
>   and Processing. This specification allows publishers to express
>   structured data on the Web within XHTML. This allows tools to read it,
>   enabling a new world of user functionality, allowing users to transfer
>   structured data between applications and web sites, and allowing
>   browsing applications to improve the user experience. For those
>   looking for an introduction to the use of RDFa and some real-world
>   examples, please consult the updated RDFa Primer.
>   --
> Congratulations, everyone.

This is fabulous news! I'm so happy to see this spec finalised. Really 
great work all round :)

Also btw the spec is dated 10 years to the day that the QL'98 workshop 
was announced, ... wonder what the 
next decade will bring?




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