ISSUE-157: SKOS and OWL 2 analysis

ISSUE-157: SKOS and OWL 2 analysis

Raised by: Sean Bechhofer
On product: SKOS

>From Peter Patel-Schneider [1]:

I would very much have liked more of SKOS to fit within OWL 2 DL.  I
believe that many of the parts of SKOS that do not fit within OWL 2 DL
are modelling errors.  To show what could be changed I have performed an
analysis (from the reference document, not from the RDF document) of the
bits of SKOS that are not in OWL 1 DL.  For those bits that are not in
OWL 2 DL, I have suggestions on how SKOS could be changed to make it fit
within OWL 2 DL, where I could figure this out.  I believe that having
as much of SKOS in OWL 2 DL would be of benefit to SKOS.  I note that
many of the bits that are not OWL 2 DL are in examples, indicating to me
that they are not so central to SKOS.

Section         Language        What bit / Suggestions to put into OWL 2 DL

skos:Concept    OWL 2 DL        individual/class/property punning (examples)

Concept Schemes OWL 2 DL        individual/ontology "punning" (example)

Lexical Labels  OWL 2 Full      subproperty of rdfs:label
                                  suggestion: don't use rdfs:label

		OWL 2 DL	property disjointness

                not OWL         axiom schema for unique prefLabel
                                  suggestion: include qualified
                                  cardinality restrictions only 
                                  for languages used (defined using
                                  datatype restrictions) 

                OWL 2 DL        individual / class punning (example)

                OWL 2 Full      objects as values of data property (example)
                                  suggestion: don't do this

Notations       extra datatypes	various extra datatypes
                                  suggestion: sort of in OWL 1 DL
 				  already, but unlikely to be supported
                                  by many tools

Documentation   OWL 2 Full      using literal in object property (examples)
                                  suggestion: don't do this

                OWL 2 Full      use of rdf:value (example)
                                  suggestion: don't use rdf:value

                OWL 2 DL        individual/class punning (example)

Semantic Rel's  OWL 2 DL        disjoint properties

Concept Coll'ns OWL 2 Full      ordering with typing
                                  suggestion: see below

Mapping Props   OWL 2 DL        disjoint properties

SKOS X          OWL 2 Full      data property chains
     		      		 suggestion: ??

Here is a way of handling typed ordering that should fit within OWL 2
DL, although I haven't checked all the details.

Declaration( ObjectProperty(skos:firstMember) )
Declaration( ObjectProperty(skos:nextMembers) )
Declaration( ObjectProperty(skos:otherMembers) )

PropertyDomain( skos:firstMember skos:OrderedCollection )
PropertyRange( skos:firstMember UnionOf(skos:Concept skos:ConceptScheme) ) ??

PropertyDomain( skos:nextMembers skos:OrderedCollection )
PropertyDomain( skos:nextMembers skos:OrderedCollection )
PropertyDomain( skos:otherMembers skos:OrderedCollection )
PropertyDomain( skos:otherMembers skos:OrderedCollection )

SubPropertyOf( skos:nextMembers skos:otherMembers )
SubPropertyOf( PropertyChain(skos:otherMembers skos:nextMembers) skos:otherMembers )

SubPropertyOf( skos:firstMember skos:member )
SubpropertyOf( PropertyChain(skos:otherMembers skos:firstMember) skos:member )


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