ISSUE-180: Last Call Comment: PFWG: skosxl:Label class

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> ISSUE-180: Last Call Comment: PFWG: skosxl:Label class
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> Raised by Al Gilman on behalf of PFWG in [1]:
> """
> Re Appendix A.2. The skosxl:Label Class
> The new “label framework” goes in the right direction, but does not  
> go far enough.
> The label framework should explicitly cater for non-textual labels in  
> image, audio or video format, and as provided in other markup  
> languages such as MathML.  Labels in other modalities may serve as  
> alternate labels in accessibility-related use cases.  SKOS should  
> provide guidance as to how to provide images, audio and video content  
> as alternate labels.  Currently, icons are being standardized as  
> representing concepts in an upcoming multi-part standard ISO/IEC  
> 11581, developed by ISO/IEC JTC1 SC35.  SKOS should be able to  
> specify these icons as part of a knowledge organization system.
> Also, the most common label relationships should be pre-defined by  
> SKOS.  This should include: skos:acronym, skos:pronunciation.
> """

We recognise these are important requirements, and would like to do
all we can to help develop common solutions. We have considered
expanding the scope of the current work to include standardised
support for labels in other modalities (see e.g. [ISSUE-76]), however
we have to balance the time this would take against the benefit to the
community of having a more limited SKOS standard sooner.

We are, however, committed to ensuring that SKOS is a sound basis for
3rd party extensions, to meet a diversity of more specialised
requirements. We believe the XL framework, as currently specified, can
serve as a basis for extensions that support labeling in a variety of
modalities, and extensions that support a variety of label
relationships, and would be happy to provide support and suggestions
to the PFWG in the development of such extensions.

We therefore propose to postpone this issue, making no change to the
current specification. Are you able to live with this?

Kind regards,

Alistair Miles
Sean Bechhofer


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