Re: Review of the "SKOS Reference" Last Call Working Draft [ISSUE-138]

On 22 Oct 2008, at 21:52, Michael Schneider wrote:

> Dear Sean, Dear WG!
> This is a collective answer to your answers concerning issues  
> ISSUE-136,
> ISSUE-137 and ISSUE-138. The reason is that all three issues and your
> respective answers are pretty similar in their form.
> Let me say the following, just in order if there was a  
> misunderstanding
> regarding the targets behind my comments. I did /not/ want the  
> working group
> to refer to OWL 2, or to change the given semantic conditions. So  
> postponing
> those issues is a solution, but I would also be satisfied if these  
> issues
> are just closed.
> However, I believe that in all these cases, where a semantic condition
> cannot be related to RDF(S) semantics or OWL, it should be stated
> explicitly, at least /that/ it cannot be done. I can see that  
> Section 1.7.1.
> makes a generic comment in this direction. But having one  
> additional, and
> perhaps a bit more concrete sentence at the respective semantic  
> conditions
> each would be helpful. Comments such as "not possible in OWL" or  
> "can only
> approximated to some degree", or similar comments. In addition to  
> helping
> "ordinary" readers to understand what's up with a particular semantic
> condition, it would also be a good hint for future working groups.
> But I leave the decision to add such additional information or not  
> to the
> working group.

Dear Michael

Thanks for this. In response to another issue, Peter Patel-Schneider  
[1] has requested that there be additional information regarding the  
semantic conditions encoded in the schema. I suspect that this may go  
some way towards meeting your concerns.

As proposed, we will now postpone these issues (as this provides a  
hint that this may be an area worth reinvestigating at a later date).

Thanks again for your valuable input to the process.



Sean Bechhofer
School of Computer Science
University of Manchester

Received on Thursday, 6 November 2008 10:19:23 UTC