ISSUE-171: Last Call Comment: Range of skos:member

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> ISSUE-171: Last Call Comment: Range of skos:member
> Raised by: Sean Bechhofer
> On product: SKOS
> Raised by Jeremy Carroll in [1]:
> 11) range of skos:member (editorial?)
> I take it as deliberate that no range was specified, although the examples are
> consistent with a range being the union of skos:Concept with skos:Collection.
> A discussion of the (lack of) range probably should be added to the notes section.

A similar comment was also raised regarding the range of skos:member
(see ISSUE-151). To clarify the intended usage of the SKOS collections
framework, we propose to state that the range of skos:member is the
union of skos:Concept and skos:Collection.

Would this be acceptable?

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