Agenda - Jun 03 2008 SWD telecon - 1500 UTC

Agenda - Jun 03 2008 SWD telecon - 1500 UTC
W3C Semantic Web Deployment Working Group
         Tuesday, 1500 UTC / 0800 Seattle / 1100 Boston /
                  1600 London / 1700 Amsterdam
         Phone : Boston: +1-617-761-6200
                 Nice: +33-4-8906-3499
                 Bristol: +44-117-370-6152
         Conference code 79394# ('SWDWG')
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Chair: Tom
Scribe: Elisa, Vit
Regrets: Margherita, Sean, Diego, Antoine, Guus

Attendance of SWD WG telecons is restricted to registered WG
participants and persons invited by the chairs.

1. ADMIN (10 min)

Upcoming telecons and scribes -

       Jun 10 Guus
       Jun 17 Tom
       Jun 24 Guus

PROPOSED to accept minutes of the last telecon:


-- Primer (Antoine, Ed)

-- Reference (Alistair, Sean)

The remaining schedule for SKOS is as follows:

     1 July: Last Call WD of SKOS Reference published
     8 September: Request to advance SKOS Reference to Candidate Recommendation
     27 October: Request to advance SKOS Reference to Proposed Recommendation
     15 December: SKOS Reference W3C Recommendation decision
     15 December: SKOS Primer published as Working Group Note
     15 December: SKOS Use Cases and Requirements published as Working Group Note

ACTION: Ed to investigate what text could be added to primer re. concept co-ordination [recorded in]

ACTION: Guus to write primer text re: broaderGeneric and equivalence w/r/t subclass [recorded in]

ACTION: Alistair to check the old namespace wrt dereferencing [recorded in]

ACTION: Antoine and Ed to add content to Primer about irreflexivity [recorded in]

ACTION: Ralph compose intermediate pages for and to inform readers of the paths to the old and new SKOS documents [recorded in]

ACTION: Sean and Alistair to send a file for the namespace [recorded in] 

ACTION: Sean to write a proposal to indicate to OWL WG our requirements for annotation properties [recorded in]

ACTION: Editors of the Use Cases to clean up the lists of requirements in light of resolutions [recorded in]

ACTION: Margherita to liase with author primer about example using plain literals and some with datatype literals [recorded in]

ACTION: Seanb to set up wiki for SKOS/OWL patterns [recorded in]

ACTION: Editors to produce a revised SKOS Reference WD for June 3 on which we can vote [recorded in]
-- Note: decided on 2008-05-27 call to vote on approval without formal review

Issue 83 -
-- - SemanticsOfSchemeContainmentProperties
   PROPOSAL: to add to the SKOS reference that the graph:
   ex:cs skos:hasTopConcept ex:c.
   entails the graph:
   ex:c skos:inScheme ex:cs
   But *not* to add extra semantics regarding the combination of
   skos:hasTopConcept, skos:broader/skos:narrower and skos:inScheme properties

   See (Antoine)

Issues 72, 73, 75
-- - ExactMatchTransitive - ExactMatchDisjoints - ExactMatchInclusions

ACTION: Guus to mail his position on issues 72, 73 and 75 to the list [recorded in]

Remaining open issues -

-- - SymbolicLabels
-- - SubjectIndicators
-- - SKOS-OWL-Patterns
-- - ConstructionOfSystematicDisplaysFromGroupings
-- - SkosURIDereferenceBehavior

3. RDFa

-- RDFa in HTML Overview

-- RDFa Primer - latest Working Draft, 17 March

-- RDFa Primer - latest Editor's Draft, 22 April 2008

-- RDFa Syntax - latest Working Draft 21 February 2008

-- RDFa Syntax - latest Editor's Draft, 1 May 2008

-- RDFa Use Cases - latest Working Draft 30 March 2007

-- Implementation report

The remaining schedule for RDFa is as follows:

      end of June: revised version (taking into account LC comments) of RDFa Reference
      7 July: Request to advance RDFa Syntax to Candidate Recommendation
      8 August: Request to advance RDFa Syntax to Proposed Recommendation
      1 October: RDFa Syntax W3C Recommendation decision
      1 October: RDFa Primer published as Working Group Note
      1 October: RDFa Use Cases published as Working Group Note

2008-05-27: RDFa goal is June 10 (or even June 3) to request Candidate Rec.
            TF liaising with XHTML WG to coordinate decision.
            SWD will need pointer to docs and indication how LC 
            comments handled (e.g., pointers to Tracker) - 
            this enumeration will be needed for Director decision.
            Implementation report needed in August.

-- Reviews of RDFa Primer Editor's draft - Diego's review - Ed's review

-- RDFa Task Force telecons Teleconferences on Thursdays, 1600 UTC - open
   to "everyone interested in RDFa"

      irc://, conference code 7332# ('RDFa').

ACTION: Ben to prepare draft implementation report for RDFa (with assistance from Michael) [recorded in]

-- Latest public draft

-- New Editor's draft
   -- diffs of changes

2008-05-13: Editor's draft is being reviewed by Ralph and Ed.  Decision to publish as a Note to be taken on June 3.

ACTION: Ralph propose resolution to ISSUE-16 "Default behavior" [recorded in]

ACTION: Ralph/Diego to work on Wordnet implementation [of Recipes implementations] [recorded in]

ACTION: Ralph to review the new Editor's Draft of the Recipes [recorded in] 


Reviews (as of April 28):
-- - Diego
-- - Ralph
-- - Tom
-- - Mark
-- - discussion in Washington

2008-05-13: Elisa to revise before May 20 call.  Goal is to review take decision on publishing as a Working Draft on June 10.

Tom Baker - -

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