RE: [SKOS] URIs and IRIs

The key phrase is:

Note: this section anticipates an RFC on Internationalized Resource
Identifiers. Implementations may issue warnings concerning the use of RDF
URI References that do not conform with [IRI draft] or its successors.

i.e. an RDF URI Reference is an IRI is an RDF URI Reference, and the few
deviations are bugs with RDF URI Reference, due to timing issues.

In practice the main difference in the two definitions is spaces, which are
allowed in RDF URI References but prohibited in IRIs. I would strongly
advise against implementation or documents using URIs with spaces in them.


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> *RESOLUTION: Close ISSUE-86 with and Appendix saying "URIs are used to 
> identity resources of type skos:Concept and skos:ConceptScheme. The 
> SKOS Reference does not require specific behaviour when dereferencing 
> those URIs. It is, however, strongly recommended that publishers of 
> vocabularies follow the guidelines for Best Practice Recipes [REF] and 
> Cool URIS [REF]."*

I was recently pointed at the possibility to use IRIs [1] for 
identifying resources. I'm almost a complete newcomer to this. Is it 
allowed in RDF? should we mention IRIs in our documents?
(it seems that there is a mapping between IRIs and URIs, and latest 
versions of W3C standard mention IRIs, e.g. SPARQL [2], RDFa [3] and 
Cool URIs)

Ss said I'm a complete rookie, maybe this issue has a trivial answer...




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