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To solve ISSUE-79 (11.4. Notations) I propose to encode notations with 
the RFC 4646 private use language subtag 'x-notation' as suggested in

Change the first paragraph of "5.1. Preamble" to

A lexical label is a string of UNICODE characters, such as "romantic 
love" or "れんあい", in a given language, such as English or Japanese 
Hiragana. Lexical labels in artificial codes, such as "68U35" or 
"300155377", are also known as notations.

Add a subsection in chapter "5. Labels" about Notations:


Notations are lexical labels that identify a concept with an artificial 
code. To explicitely mark a lexical label as notation, use the private 
use language subtag 'x-notation'.


   skos:prefLabel "France"@en ;
   skos:prefLabel "FR@x-notation" ;
   skos:prefLabel "FRA@x-notation-long" ;
   skos:prefLabel "FRA@en-x-notation" ;
   skos:prefLabel "250@x-notation-numerical" .

The example should include at least three cases:

1. 'x-notation'
2. 'x-notation-moredetailedprivatesubtags'
2. 'language-x-notation'


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