Re: ISSUE-84: ConstructionOfSystematicDisplaysFromGroupings

Hi Antoine,

Antoine Isaac escribió:
> Dear all,
> Regarding this issue, I would propose to OPEN it and CLOSE it very
> quickly.
> The resolution for it (unless someone really wants to invest time in
> this) would be to keep the existing Primer as such, that is, not to
> propose an algorithm.
> My motivations for this would be:
> 1. The algorithm could be quite complex if we want to consider all the
> possible cases of nested groupings. I feel such a level of complexity
> clearly out of scope for the Primer.
> 2. Certain applications might want to implement specific strategies,
> making our effort relatively pointless.
> Or perhjaps we could just POSTPONE it to the writing of a note on the
> subject. But I don't know the formal implication of such a resolution
I'm happy to announce that, as a by-product of my PhD research, I've
just implemented an algorithm to produce alphabetic and systematic
displays from SKOS thesauri. It is still under development, but some
results are already available. I attach two HTML files: an alphabetical
and a systematic display of one of the SKOS thesauri from [1], namely
the topics from Norman Walsh's blog [2]. I just added a skos:Collection
to his thesaurus in order to show you how grouping works.

Note that I'm *not* proposing that this implementation should become the
reference one! The quality of my implementation is low, it is not
complete, and probably it won't scale up for big thesauri. Even more
importantly, I don't plan to spend too much time fixing these issues (as
I said, this is outside the main focus of my PhD, I wrote this as an
example to illustrate an argument). Anyway, I though it might be worth
mention in this thread.

I'll publish the code soon and keep you posted.

Best regards,


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