ISSUE-83: SemanticsOfSchemeContainmentProperties

ISSUE-83: SemanticsOfSchemeContainmentProperties

Raised by: Antoine Isaac
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>From [1]:

considering the skos:inScheme tag. I personally not used it in
the agrovoc skos version, because i preferred to make use of the
skos:hasTopConcept to associate concepts to the ConceptSchemes. Using this i
define the full hierarchy of the scheme, because i consider all the
skos:hasTopConcept plus all the skos:narrower to build the full hierarchy of
the classification scheme.
Therefore I do not use the skos:inScheme for every concept in the thesaurus
because this information again can be inferred.

Currently the SKOS Reference [2] does not support that kind of inference. Should
it do so?


Received on Tuesday, 22 January 2008 15:46:19 UTC