Re: Review of 3-Dec Recipes editors' draft

Hi Ralph,

Ralph R. Swick wrote:
> Recipe 6 -- our example should really use an RDF Class or Property.
> For this next WD I'd be happy with an editor's note noting that the
> example should be so updated if we don't have time to find a
> working alternative at DBLP quickly.  (I could forgive the details
> in the specific configuration directives but the paragraph that
> noted this example gave TimBL's publications stopped me cold.
Yep, certainly the current example is inconsistent with the rest of the
document. I think I've found an alternative: DBPedia. In addition to the
instances, they also publish descriptions of the properties (such as
"birthplace"). I've just edited the draft to drop the DBLP example and
to replace it with a property taken from the DBPedia.

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