ISSUE-73: ExactMatchDisjoints

ISSUE-73: ExactMatchDisjoints

Raised by: Alistair Miles
On product: SKOS

Currently, the property skos:exactMatch is not stated as disjoint with any of
the other concept mapping properties (or with any of the semantic relation

Therefore e.g. the graph below is consistent with the SKOS data model.

  skos:exactMatch <B> ; 
  skos:broadMatch <B> ;  
  skos:exactMatch <C> ; 
  skos:relatedMatch <C> .

Intuitively, an exact mapping link asserts something fundamentally different
from a hierarchical or associative link. Therefore, it might be reasonable and
useful to define skos:exactMatch as disjoint with skos:broadMatch (and/or
skos:broader), and disjoint with skos:relatedMatch (and/or skos:related). Should
these disjointness conditions be stated in the normative specification?

Received on Wednesday, 16 January 2008 21:05:58 UTC