ISSUE-70: BroaderCycles

ISSUE-70: BroaderCycles

Raised by: Alistair Miles
On product: SKOS

This is a sub-issue of ISSUE-44.

Currently, skos:broaderTransitive is *not* defined as an irreflexive property.

Therefore, graphs such as:

<A> skos:broader <B> .
<B> skos:broader <A> .

... are consistent with the SKOS data model.

However, such a graph would never be found in a representation of a thesaurus 
or classification scheme, and if it did, would probably indicate some sort of 

If skos:broaderTransitive were formally defined as an irreflexive property in 
the normative specification, this would endorse stronger checking of instance 
data against the SKOS data model, which would probably be both useful and 
appropriate to most SKOS use cases.

Should skos:broaderTransitive be normatively irreflexive?

Received on Wednesday, 16 January 2008 15:34:44 UTC