Label relations confusingly named?

The draft SKOS Reference [1] very helpfully points out the
symmetry between mappingRelation (with its subproperties
broadMatch, narrowMatch, and relatedMatch) and semanticRelation
(with its subproperties broader, narrower, and related).

However, I find that this naming pattern subtly gets in the
way of grasping the much different concept of label relations.
The problem becomes clear if one puts the names side-by-side:

    Properties:   labelRelated    mappingRelation  semanticRelation
    Classes:      LabelRelation

I cannot think of a better name than LabelRelation, but I would
find it less confusing if labelRelated were renamed relatedLabel:

    Properties:   relatedLabel    mappingRelation  semanticRelation
    Classes:      LabelRelation



Tom Baker - -

Received on Tuesday, 8 January 2008 13:07:22 UTC