SKOS Primer WD published

Now on the W3C home page:

  2008-02-21: The Semantic Web Deployment Working Group has published
  the First Public Working Draft of SKOS Simple Knowledge Organization
  System Primer. SKOS provides a model for expressing the basic
  structure and content of concept schemes such as thesauri,
  classification schemes, subject heading lists, taxonomies,
  folksonomies, and other types of controlled vocabulary. SKOS has been
  designed to provide a low-cost migration path for porting existing
  organization systems to the Semantic Web. The primer is intended to
  help implementors who have a basic understanding of the Semantic Web
  to use the capabilities defined in SKOS Reference to represent and
  publish their concept schemes as SKOS data. The Primer aims to provide
  introductory examples and guidance in the use of SKOS vocabulary
  features. Learn more about the Semantic Web Activity.

Thanks for all your work on this, Antoine and Ed.

Received on Thursday, 21 February 2008 17:35:29 UTC