ISSUE-85: Self-describing Web - media type

ISSUE-85: Self-describing Web - media type

Raised by: Michael Hausenblas
On product: RDFa

In the 
following is stated:

Note: at this time, drafts of the [RDFa] specification are available, but the 
media-type registration for HTML itself has not been updated to reflect RDFa. 
As described in TAG Finding [AuthoritativeMetadata], conventions like RDFa are 
normative only if provided for in the applicable specification for the media-
type in which they are used. Thus, for RDFa to be fully integrated with 2 The 
Web's Standard Retrieval Algorithm, the HTML and/or XHTML media-type 
registrations must be be updated. Use of RDFa is in any case encouraged in the 
interim until that happens. 

We need to state our position regarding this (feedback to TAG, explicitely 
invite to last call comments, etc.)

Received on Friday, 15 February 2008 14:44:00 UTC