Comment: ISSUE-75

This comment is related closely to the one I just sent on ISSUE-72.
Property chain inclusions could indeed be reasonably defined for
If A is an exact match to B, then A should indeed have the same
relationships to other values that B does.  
Otherwise A is not an exact match to B.  
If there are situations where A could be considered an "exact match" to
B, and yet not have the same relationships to other items, please
The only example I can think of would be if a digital object were
displayed as a component of two separate collections, and the two
displays were identified as an "exact match" to one another.  In this
case, A's relationships to other components of the collection of which
is is a part, would still be shared by B, for all differences are
Jody DeRidder
Digital Library Center
University of Tennessee

Received on Sunday, 10 February 2008 17:32:09 UTC