RE: [F2F action] SWD WG review of SWEO IG Note "Cool URIs for the Semantic Web"

Hi Michael,

just an explicit statement for a record - I went through the review at [1] and I don't have any specific remarks on its content, so it's "safe to be sent" for me.



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Subject: [F2F action]  SWD WG review of SWEO IG Note "Cool URIs for the Semantic Web"

Chairs, All,

As of my action at the SWD F2F meeting to 
'summarize the discussion and the Wiki page 
and formulate a scoping remark as a draft suggestion 
from SWD to the authors of Cool URIs' [1] I have now
updated the according Wiki page [2].

As we decided to resolve this via mailing list I hereby
ask for comments on the current draft (or editing it
directly in the Wiki). I propose to have a one week 
(SWD-internal) feedback period, which means whatever 
we've got next Friday, the 19 Oct 2007 on the Wiki page [2] 
will be sent to SWEO as our official answer.



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