Re: ISSUE-39: ConceptualMappingLinks


Ragarding the issue 39 on Conceptual Mappings Links [1] I have created a 
dedicated page [2] on the Skos Design part of the wiki. This links to 
the corresponding requirement of course, but also to the list of use 
case mentioned in the working draft [3] that advertise some form of 
conceptual mapping.

I also committed a first proposal to solve this issue in the simplest 
manner [4]. I had taken some notes during a teleconf discussion some 
weeks ago, and could not help but making them more concrete, since I'm 
really interested in the subject.

I know this issue has not been raised, and I don't claim for pushing the 
WG to solve it right now. But I would like it to be open, since we had 
already discussions about it.
I would also mention that in the spirit of Alistair's mail on 'central 
issues' [5], I've tried to make my proposal 'transfer' many problems 
(especially semantic ones) to other issues where these problems should 
be dealt with. I hope this can contribute to clarifying some of the 
'dependancy links' between all SKOS issues.




Received on Wednesday, 27 June 2007 10:46:41 UTC