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> Hi Alistair
> This is a good framework for questions I was about to post, which fit at 
> least in part in  [ISSUE-44]
> What are the relation of broader/narrower semantics with conceptScheme 
> semantics, if any?
>     * Should broader/narrower link concepts of the same concept scheme, 
> or are they allowed across concept schemes?
>     * If a concept belongs to several concept schemes, would it be 
> possible / does it make sense to distinguish broader-narrower 
> hierarchies in different schemes?
> Related question, I would like to see specified the semantics of 
> ConceptScheme, and the difference between ConceptScheme and subclass of 
> Concept. Maybe another issue number for this?

Yes, good to sort this out. As a general rule I would like to adopt that we follow the principle of least ontological commitment, unless we have clear eveidence to the contrary. So, in this case, if we have no hard pro's and con's for allowing skos:Concepts to be part of ultiple schemes, we should refrain from specifying the constraint. For the broader-narrower term there is actually a strong reason in favor of not limiting it to concepts within one scheme - see the the mappping stuff Antoine mentions. 

> Bernard
>> Hi all,
>> I'd like to suggest we focus some attention on several issues to do with the central stuff in SKOS, like the skos:Concept class, the SKOS labelling properties and the SKOS semantic relation properties. 
>> This would help us to fill out some of the earlier parts of the SKOS Semantics wiki draft [1]. The wiki draft has only one section so far, on grouping constructs, and so looks a bit empty :) This would also help the discussion of other issues, such as the relationships between labels.
>> There are three central issues in the tracker we could look at:
>>  * [ISSUE-31] "BasicLexicalLabelSemantics" - defining the semantics of the three basic labelling properties, skos:prefLabel, skos:altLabel and skos:hiddenLabel
>>  * [ISSUE-44] "BroaderNarrowerSemantics" - defining the semantics of skos:broader and skos:narrower
>>  * [ISSUE-54] "ConceptSemantics" - defining the semantics of skos:Concept 
>> Issue 31 is already open. Issues 44 and 54 need to be opened (I just raised 54).
>> Of course we should also continue the very valuable discussion of other issues and work to our requirements document!
>> Cheers,
>> Alistair.
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>> [ISSUE-31] <>
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