RE: SKOS broader/narrower confusion

Dear all,

I also find myself sometime in this confusing situation, so I have a
can we add the verb to the relationships name, e.g. skos:hasBroader or
skos:hasNarrower, etc?
This is avoid the confusion.


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Hi all,

I was describing SKOS yesterday to several colleagues. After a long
discussion, we found that skos:narrower and skos:broader could be confusing
to the user. 

In SKOS Core [1], the meaning of these properties is similar to concept A has
a broader term called concept B (i.e. A skos:broader B). In the example,
animal is considered to have a narrower concept called mammals. However, my
initial interpretation of the property was to say that concept A is narrower
than concept B. 




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