RE: [MM] New Personal Use Case Solution and MM standards overview

I just had a quick skim...
These three links are broken, and the last two are inverted.
  3 domain specific ontologies located on personal history event
<> ,
f>  and landscape
>  . 
Also, it might be worth commenting in passing how/whether Getty's very
large (if not huge) database of places/locations could be leveraged. I
was stunned one day to discover that it had in it, Rampart Ridge which
is a local hike in our Cascade Mountains. I had not even heard of it.
Would they have to make it public? Would they be motivated to, or hold
it as internal IP?  


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Subject: [MM] New Personal Use Case Solution and MM standards overview

Dear All,


A new personal use case solution for the first deliverable [1] has been
uploaded, which reflects Mike's comments. The new solution better
presents the advantages of using SemWeb technologies for annotating
personal photos. The old solution has been deleted; however, I believe
that some parts of it should be integrated in a different section of the
deliverable since it addresses issues, which are not addressed in any
other section of the deliverable.


I also updated the Multimedia standards section of the second
deliverable [2]. A brief description of the selected MM standards is
presented in this section.









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