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[MM] Schedule of the TF

From: Giorgos Stamou <gstam@softlab.ntua.gr>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 13:34:05 +0300
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Dear all


Concerning the time schedule of our TF we have the following Deliverables
for the near future:


-Review of existing tools for image annotation, image ontology collections

and use cases for image annotation

(end of September 2005)


-Feasibility report on the interoperability between SW and image annotation

standards (including patent and copyright issues) and best practices

for SW interoperable image annotations including possible mapping tools

(end of November 2005)


Although the delay of the acceptance of our TF delayed the involvement of
most people, I propose to try to be on schedule or at least very close to

As far as the first Deliverable is concerned, the page that Jacco is hosting
(http://homepages.cwi.nl/~jrvosse/swbpd/images/) is a very good basis for
collecting the material. So, please try to keep it informed by sending to
Jacco all the information that you believe it is important to be there. The
work on this Deliverable can be more or less divided into two tasks: one is
to write a not so long introductory text that categorizes the material and
describes the basic categories and a second to set up a dynamic page
collecting all the important links with some small description in order for
this site to become a reference framework for researchers, practitioners
etc. If you agree, I can deliver a first version of the text (ToC and some
text) and ask for contributions and reviews. Hope to do this before the end
of this week, so you can have time to discuss it on next Monday's telecon. 

The situation with the second Deliverable is much more complicated. The main
issue is to work on the interoperability issue mainly between OWL and MPEG-7
(starting from images) and possibly provide a transformation tool. Of
course, we should have references to other standards (like Dublin Core etc)
but I am sure if we have time to also provide inside work like in the MPEG-7
case (it would be really important to try, especially for the image case,
but we can leave it for next year, this was also a suggestion other people
in the WG). Concerning the time schedule, I think we should try to have a
first draft in the F2F meeting in Galway.


And some administrative issues-questions to Guus:

1. Is there any formal W3C form for the deliverables?

2. Is it possible to organize MM TF telecons using W3C facilities and how we
can do this?

3. Do you need some material and/or help from us for adding to the SWBP WG
homepage the TF information?


I am waiting for your comments in order to specify the schedule and send a
more detailed agenda.





p.s. Members that have the possibility (like John and Jane, I am sure for
others) please contact your AC rep in order to become members of the SWPD WG
and thus be able to join the telecons. 



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