[VM] Outline (only) for Draft of 2004-10-25

SWBPD "Vocabulary Management" 
Outline, 2004-10-27 - full draft was posted separately

1. Introduction
   -- Vocabularies in the Semantic Web
   -- Method of this paper
      Points of reference
      -- FOAF
      -- Dublin Core
      -- SKOS
      -- Princeton Wordnet
      -- A major medical or life-sciences ontology?
      -- W3C Architecture and Semantic Web principles
      -- OASIS Published Subjects
      Terminology of this paper: 
      -- Term, Vocabulary, URI Reference, Description,
         Declaration, Vocabulary Owner, Versioning

2. Principles of Good Practice
   -- Identify Terms with URI References.
   -- Articulate and publish maintenance policies for the Terms 
      and their URI references.
   -- Identify the historical version of a Vocabulary or
      its Terms.
   -- Provide documentation about the Terms.  
   -- Declare the Terms using a machine-processable schema

3. Questions on the Bleeding Edge
   -- What should the identifier of a Vocabulary or Term (i.e.,
      its URI Reference) resolve to when someone "clicks on it"
      in a Web browser?
   -- Which schema language should be used to declare the
      Vocabulary machine-processably?
   -- What does it mean to "use" Terms from one Vocabulary
      in another?
   -- What does it mean to "own" a Vocabulary?
   -- When a term is needed, when should one adapt
      an existing term, declare a new one, or get an established
      vocabulary maintainer to host it?


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