[VM] Timetable for Vocabulary Management Draft

Dear all,

The feedback on the "scoping draft" for the Vocabulary
Management note [1] added up to a fairly coherent set of change
suggestions, and I have incorporated these in a revised draft.
I will post this draft in a separate thread.

In this latest draft, I have added TASK items -- placeholders
for references and running text on specific topics from
specific members of the Task Force.  The TASKs are meant
as my "best guess" as to what is needed at a given place in
the draft, not as a limitation on the collective creativity.
In defining very specific tasks, my intention was to help us
very quickly "fill out" the draft over the next few weeks.
I will post a summary of the TASKs in a separate thread.

As an aid to discussion on this list, I will also post
a one-page outline of the draft.

I propose the following timetable:

-- Oct 27 - Nov 4: discussion of the draft and timetable

   I am posting everything today on the mailing list for
   discussion, and the VM note is on the agenda for the F2F
   meeting in Bristol.

-- Nov 5 - Dec 10: fleshing out the draft on a Wiki

   The draft will be posted on a Wiki (address to be
   announced) so that each of us can bang in some rough text
   and bibliographic references at the TASK placeholders.
   In my opinion, we should not worry too much at this stage
   about wordsmithing -- except perhaps for really important
   points (e.g. the good-practice principles).

   I would be most grateful for assistance in converting the
   draft from "hard-return ASCII" into "WIKI format".

-- Dec 11 - Dec 23: polishing by the editor

   I would like to pull the text out of the Wiki on Dec
   10 and take two weeks to turn it into a smoother, more
   coherent draft.

-- Dec 24 - Jan 31: collective wordsmithing using CVS

   This draft would then go into CVS and we would have the
   month of January to polish the text.

-- Feb 01 - Feb 14: formatting the draft in W3C publication style

-- Feb 15: "First public edition" to be released.

I will now post the "2004-10-27 Draft" and "TF member roles"...


[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-swbp-wg/2004Sep/0006.html

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