Re: Asymmetry of Domain and Range in OWL

> Well, OKBC was intended to be an API, in my understanding, so it may 
> very well have capabilities that are beyond FOL, as OO languages do.

but there is an axiomatization for it in FOL in the specs, AFAIK

> Regarding the axiomatization, why don't you try writing FOL axioms 
> that capture this.  I don't understand how what you have said can be 
> written in FOL.  

(=> (direct-type ?C ?x)
        (not (exists ?Y (and (subclass-of ?Y ?C) (instance-of ?X ?Y))))

(modulo the correct order of arguments for the predicates)

> Then, much more to the point, try it in OWL.

Ah, that's a whole other story :) But you were generalizing to FOL.


Received on Friday, 22 October 2004 22:12:12 UTC